Jack Confesses to Bot Raiding Legends Cup

Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Kingdom – Just hours removed from finding out that Zuke, an Ice Warriors owner was still threatening to raid armies taking part in the Legends Cup tournament, yet another Ice Warriors owner has been involved in the raiding scandal, this time the newest owner, Jack.

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Notorious Bot Raider, Zuke, Threatens Shadow Troops

UPDATE: Major Army Legend, Iceyfeet1234 has now made good on his promise and has fired Zuke from the Ice Warriors, demoting him to member following his threats against Shadow Troops and involvement with Whale Republic.

UPDATE: Ice Warriors Creator, Iceyfeet1234 has promised to deowner Zuke following seeing the proof of Ice Warrior owner being completely inappropriate in actually threatening armies. Whether this will happen or not, is yet to be seen.

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Shadow Troops Empire – Whale Republic bot raider, Zuke has recently decided to threaten yet another army in regards to attacking them with Bots and this time, he’s decided to attack the Shadow Troops threatening to begin bot raids on them, potentially in order to aid the Ice Warriors in the Legends Cup by getting rid of a powerful combating army.

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Olimad: “I’m Rading Thugs, Rebel Penguin Federation, Doritos and Nacho Army”

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Upon taking a post in the Army Community as the Chief Executive Officer of CPA Central, Zing King To attempted to expose the Botting Regime plaguing armies, and with this, Devan, Zuke and Olimad were all caught as being perpetrators of the raids, belonging to a group called Whale Republic. With just one month left, Olimad has decided to threaten several key CPA Central Top Ten ranking armies.
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BREAKING NEWS: Doritos Website Defaced


SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – After a number of leadership changes, ups and downs, and just plain chaos around the Doritos Army, their site has suddenly been defaced and a null claiming to be the culprit has come forth and admitted to this act. Read more to find out more about this developing situation.

This is a developing story, so CPAC will keep you posted with updates and other news regarding the current situation.

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Green Ninjas Chat Taken Over

Unknown Territory, GN Capital – After just recently returning to the community today the Green Ninjas chat was taken over by their own moderator who was given the chat password.

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Lime Green Army Chat Taken Over By Thugs of CP

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, LGA Nation – News recently broke that the Lime Green Army would indeed be hoping to make a revival and subsequent return to the CP Army Community. With this news seeing several Thugs of CP troops hopping over to the LGA, in retaliation for this – the Thugs have now taken matters into their own hands and taken over the Lime Green Army chat room.

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CPAC Special Report: An In-Depth Look at Current Bot Raiding Saga

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – With the new year well under way, it seems that community members simply have not learnt from past experiences about the negative affects of bot use in the community. This comes following several back and forth allegations between armies in regards to a current Bot Raiding Saga.

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Battle Review: RPF vs. Night Warriors ft. Nachos and Bots

FOG, Night Warriors Empire – The Night Warriors Army decided to face the Rebel Penguin Federation in a friendly practice battle. However, things took a little twist when the battle was raided by bots. RPF faced the Nachos Army instead. Let us move on and see what happened. Continue reading

Brigade3 Admits to Multilogging in Teutons || Darklink Denies all Botting Allegations Against him

NORTH POLE, Teuton Army Former Nation- Shockingly, after a long time denying he was, Brigade has decided to finally admit his wrong doings and make a post about his multilogging during a certain generation of Teutons. However, apparently he’s not the only one involved with the multilogging scandal. Let’s take a closer look into the situation.
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Nacho Army Chat Reset Following Bot Ownership Takeover

BREAKING NEWS: Former Nacho Leader, Puckley breaks major road law by texting and driving as he prepares to get the chat back. FBI are reported to be following him.
FJORD, Nacho Army Empire – The Nacho Army’s official chat was recently thrown into chaos upon the chat being taken over by the Nacho Army’s bot seeing many troops getting banned on the popular chat room.
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