CPPS Events: Should They Be Counted on CPA Central’s Top Ten?

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The CPA Central Top Ten has always been simply a fun edition to our site published on a weekly basis in order to attempt to rank which armies have had the best week within the community. Through the many years, the Top Ten has become a rather bigger thing with armies placing such an importance on the futile list that it has inspired war, conflict and many more disputes.

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Do We Welcome Noobs? 2.0

KLONDIKE, Zoomey’s Cobweb Filled Desk – In September of 2015, Wenny, a former CPAC worker, done an interesting post about greeting troops. The results were interesting. Now with armies is a totally different state, I decided to do the same experiment to see if the results would come out worse to what they did back in 2015, since armies are in a decline. Maybe this would explain the lack of people in Club Penguin Armies nowadays. However, the results were much different to what I thought they would be.
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Armies for Dummies Introduction

Update: Oh my god! Zoomey’s actually alive!
KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – Well, this is going to be fun!
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The Future of CPAC Tournaments || A Postmortem on the Christmas Chaos

UPDATED 7:33 PM EST: Please be sure to read this post in full if your army participates in CPAWM Tournaments, as it contains important information about the rules we use to select judges, and the rules for participating armies.
KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – Following a chaotic Christmas Chaos VI finals that saw the Doritos of Club Penguin defeat the Rebel Penguin Federation in a disappointing seven minute battle, CPA Central has decided that, heading into 2017, there needs to be better supervision on tournaments.
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CP Army Central – Present and Future

Hello, comrades.
In case you didn’t know, I’m Jodie. I CEO’d Small and Medium Army Central between 2015 and 2016, and have been a part of CPAWM’s Board of Directors since January. Over the past year or so, the past few months in particular, the community and media sector has been described as many things: dying, worthless, boring and pointless. While all of this may be true for some, it’s important that we deliver you the most quality possible content during what could be our final generation here in the Club Penguin Army community.
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What The Fall of ACP Really Means

ACP, the oldest and longest lasting army in CP Army history is now on the brink like never before, and this time, it seems that they might not be able to recover. As a person who started his CP Army career in ACP and ended up in a position of power in ACP several times throughout it’s history, I want to tell you what it’s downfall really could mean for armies.

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Let’s Have Some Fun

The past few days at CPAC we’ve seen a drop of post being uploaded, outside of the CP Army Advent Challenge, which the majority of you have stopped caring about after Day 3. Anyway, I’m not making this post to report any serious news, mainly cause I haven’t really kept up with the news, but anyway, let’s have some fun.

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The Worst Week in Army History

This time of year has always been one of the most difficult for Club Penguin Armies. November becomes busy for school assignments, a trend that continues through to Winter Break in December. Armies are left to deal with greater levels of inactivity than at any other point in the year.

This week, however, has been indisputably the worst week we have ever had. Can we blame it on the time of year or is this a result of a larger problem we need to address?

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The Leaders’ Lounge with Silverburg – Elmikey

Klondike – CPAC HQ – Welcome to this edition of the “Leaders’ Lounge”, with your host Silverburg! Today, we will be interviewing one of the most controversial leaders in Club Penguin Army History, and a person who has seemed, for the past year, to be one of the faces of Club Penguin Army Warfare as a whole, Elmikey.

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The Leaders’ Lounge With Silverburg – Mrtchy

Klondike – CPAC HQ – Welcome to the fourth edition of “Leaders Lounge”, this time with a new host! In this edition, we will be focusing on the leader of the prominent AUSIA division of the Army of Club Penguin, and also the successor of Flipmoo/Slimball2007, Mrtchy.

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