Why Club Penguin Island is Unnecessary

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Philosophy Desk – Everyone knows the old saying, “all good things must come to an end” but did it have to end in the most unintellectual way anyone could think of?

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Jason promoted to RPF Leader

Parka, Rebel Penguin Federation Co-Capital – With Club Penguin armies expected to shut down in the not to distant future, RPF have promoted Jason, also known as Junie17125, to the position of Rebel Commander to lead alongside Elmikey.

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Snow Ninjas Slide Back into the Community

BELLY SLIDE, Snow Ninjas Nation – Yet another Army has returned to the Club Penguin Army Community. It seems the inevitable end of our favorite game has sparked – how about we call it – the 2017 Apocalyptic Army Rush. Who is this new Army, you ask? Excellent question! It is the Snow Ninjas, with Zach 11 at the helm for another generation. What does the leader have to say about their return?

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Hippos Swimming to Legends Cup Glory?

YUKON, Hippos Capital – With the Legends Cup battle coming ever closer, we’re going take an in depth look at one of the favourites for the tournament, Hippos. The pressure is on for the Hippos as they face Light Troops and Thugs but a wise man once said “Don’t let your dreams be dreams” therefore implying that if Hippos dream enough, they will be victorious.

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Legends Cup VIII – End Of An Era: Preliminary Round Predictions


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Thugs To Become World Power?

Zipline – Thugs Capital, With the end of Club Penguin pushing in closer and closer we see the rise of the Legendary Thugs of CP, a once small and secluded army now matching strengths to the Top 3 armies. Is this a sign that the future may in fact be purple?

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SWAT Return To The Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, SWAT’s Nation – With the end of Club Penguin inevitable, we see a plethora of armies either returning to the community or being created for the leaders to get “last minute fame”. So like the other armies, the SWAT army has been recreated to show their alleged superiority over armies but will their plan succeed? Continue reading

XxToysoldier Joins The Doritos Leadership

SUMMIT, Doritos’ Capital – Following the recent return of Mustapha10x and the great rise by the army, former leader, Toysolider, has decided to return to the army again. Let us move on and review this news!

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Ku Klux Clan Collide Into The Community

DEEP FREEZE- Ku Klux Clan’s Capital – Nearing the possible end of CPA (Club Penguin Armies), we see an increase in the number of armies being created, perhaps looking for some glory before the community comes to an abrupt halt. With time running out, will the Ku Klux Clan be able to dazzle the community with a high ranking in the Top Ten or will they make no impact whatsoever?  Continue reading

Nachos Army Raid The Rebel Penguin Federation || Possible War?

FJORD, Nachos Capitol Hill – The Nachos army raiding the Rebel Penguin Federation and both entering the stage of war. Both of these are not a new thing to that the community will see. Both armies relations have been flickering around since the creation of this community. However, both seem to be going against each other even during the last days. Nachos, in a shocking turn, decided to raid the Rebel Penguin Federation. Let us see what happened!

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