Snow Ninjas Slide Back into the Community

BELLY SLIDE, Snow Ninjas Nation – Yet another Army has returned to the Club Penguin Army Community. It seems the inevitable end of our favorite game has sparked – how about we call it – the 2017 Apocalyptic Army Rush. Who is this new Army, you ask? Excellent question! It is the Snow Ninjas, with Zach 11 at the helm for another generation. What does the leader have to say about their return?

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A Look into the Past: Allagi’s Story

Note: It may not be a bad idea to write down the bolded terms in order to remember them, as some of them I don’t use as often.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – With the popular idea of moving to a CPPS, I’ve decided to look into the past to see what could possibly go wrong. Once upon a time, there was an Army member who I’ll refer to as Allagi. Allagi was an experienced individual, having been in several small and medium Armies, the Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Army of Club Penguin respectively. Before quitting the ACP to create his own Army, Allagi had been relatively high-ranking.

Unfortunately, Allagi’s Army was never that successful or even known about at all. It was always a small Army that never made it into any Top Tens. Allagi struggled because of the many problems in the Army Community that, sadly, still remain relevant today. This is when Allagi decided to turn his Army into a CPPS Army and cut ties with our community in hopes of being more successful. How did it go?

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Looking Back Into History: World War III – UMA vs. ACP

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As Club Penguin’s last few months continue, we look back into the history of the Club Penguin army wars. Our history has been filled with wars, but today, we will be looking back into World War III where the Underground Mafia and Army of Club Penguin battled.

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CP Army Central Fact of the Day: February 1st 2017

Did you know that over fifty armies have participated in CPAC’s Legends Cup over the past 7 years? Of those fifty+ armies, only three have ever come away with the championship trophy.

ACP creator Oagalthorp is credited with the invention of the Legends Cup in 2010. Since then, CPA Central has hosted seven Legend Cup Tournaments at the end of each summer. Many recognize the tournament as the most prestigious and important tournament ran by CPA Central.

Many would be surprised to learn that the only three armies to have ever won the tournament are the Nachos (2010), Ice Warriors (2011, 2012, 2014), and the Rebel Penguin Federation (2013, 2015, 2016).

Other than the Nachos, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Ice Warriors, the Water Vikings have made two appearances in the championship battle, loosing to the RPF both times. The Army of Club Penguin have only made it once in 2011, under the leadership of Flipper and Kenneth. The Army Republic lost to the Ice Warriors in 2012, who were currently being led by Albert. Aside from winning the Legends Cup in 2010, the Nachos upset the Dark Warriors in the semi-finals in 2014 to advance to the championship, this time, to loose to the Ice Warriors.

Elmikey was the leader of the RPF for the three years they won it, in 2013, 2015, and 2016.


CPA Central Associate Producer

Army Hopping for Dummies

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Well, we’ve reached the time of the week where I write, explaining thee meaning of a word or words we use in the CPA Communituy. What is it this week? Well, you already know since you read the title already.

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Into the Vault: Dark Warriors vs. Light Troops


Klondike, CPA Central Headquarters – Today is the first edition of CPA Central’s Into the Vault! Into the Vault is where we look back at some old & cool battles from the past in the CP Army Community, we post this once every Tuesday! Today we look back at one of the most anticipated & legendary battles to have ever happened. The Dark Warriors vs The Light Troops in the Christmas Chaos IV finals.
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This Day in CPA History [12/19]

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – It’s time to looks through CPA history and see the majors stories and events that happened on December 19 in past years. Hope you enjoy today’s “This Day in CPA History”.
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Brave Shuts Down Pretzels Indefinitely | Joins Current WV Leadership

MATTERHORN, Former Pretzels Nation – After a generation consisting of eight events over a seven day span, Braveboy24 (Pretzels Creator) announces an ‘indefinite shutdown’ six days after their last event and joins the Water Viking’s current leadership.

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Golds Return To Club Penguin

Flippers, Golds Capital – After merging into Dark Warriors and being closed for 2 months, Golds have returned under the leadership of Antonio, Tilgen, Agent 11 and Jodie. Will this new generation be a golden age, or end up being another failed generation?

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The Ice Warriors Make Their Return

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital- Very rarely is there an army that shapes the landscape of our community and takes its fair share in spearheading present and future generations. The Ice Warriors are one of those armies, and they have long built up on their history as one of the three historical super powers of this community alongside the Army of Club Penguin and the Nachos. Following many years at or near the top, on January 16th, 2016, the Ice Warriors were shut down by IW creator Iceyfeet1234, but now they are once more planning their return under the leadership trio of Badboy, Trader, and Bam. Read on for more details. Continue reading