News Digest: 03/06/17 – Waterkid Insults Shadow Troops, Zing’s Resignation, IW Rehire Jack and More

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Welcome to the News Digest in which we look at the smaller news stories within the community and to avoid spamming the main site, bring them all together in this daily newsletter to make things that much more easier for you to access the news!

Waterkid Comments on Shadow Troops

Following yesterdays tournament battle between the Light Troops and the Shadow Troops, Waterkid has now taken to the Light Troops blog in order to call the Shadow Troops “inferior.” Shadow Troops have responded by questioning the handling of the tournament by Kingfunks4. The comments have obviously created tension between Shadow Troops and Light Troops, as Light Troops remain in the Legends Cup Tournament, while the Shadow Troops have been removed following their eventual defeat.

Zing to Retire In Final Days of Armies

The decision on whether to keep CPA Central open following March 29th is one that hasn’t yet been decided. With that in mind, Zing King To has taken to the CPA Central Staff Site to announce that he’ll be resigning from his post as CEO on March 29th, when Club Penguin closes their doors. This means that if CPA Central does indeed stay open to report on Club Penguin Armies in CPPS, Zing King To will not be part of it. There is currently no word on Kingfunks4′ stance.

Thugs Army Calls Rebel Penguin Federation ‘Evil’

The Thugs successfully defeated the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Legends Cup last weekend, something that was met with extreme anger from the RPF, more specifically, Silverburg. The Thugs Army have now posted the results of that onto their official site claiming that the RPF army is in fact “evil.” The Rebel Penguin Federation have yet to comment on this, and it looks as if these heightened tensions could lead to even more difficulty.

Jack Rehired to Ice Warriors

Following a confession that he botted the Legends Cup Tournament, Jack has now been rehired to the Ice Warriors ownership for the rank of Second-in-Command. This comes after the revelation that Jack did not actually bot, and made the confession in a bid to cover up the actions of the real Bot Raider, Zuke. With this in mind, as of right now – Zuke is not yet hired back into the Ice Warriors, following the fact that the Ice Warriors ownership broke the No Threats rule, the decision was made not to disqualify the Ice Warriors as they removed the threaten-er from their army.

Bot Raiding Deal Made Between Fluffyboy and Olimad

Whale Republic Member, Olimad has now revealed that he has made a deal with Fluffyboy, of the Doritos of Club Penguin in regards to the recent Bot Raiding threats. Negotiations have been taking place in the CPA Central comment section recently with Olimad being offered a bunch of powers in exchange to stop raiding. It looks like he has now accepted the deal, informing CPA Central in the comments section that he will not be raiding following the fact that this deal has now been made with Fluffyboy. While we believe it to be the XAT Power deal, we simply can not know for sure.

Zuke Promises to Expose the Bot Raider

Upon checking my mailbox on XAT, I have found a message from Zuke in which he has promised that he will be exposing the bot raider, and the “real one.” While CPA Central does know the identity of yet another bot raider, we’ve yet to receive any hard evidence to prove it, which is why we’ve yet to release a post. For this reason, CPA Central is eagerly waiting Zuke’s investigative report in his attempt to clear his name as a former member of Whale Republic.

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer

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