Top Ten Armies: 3/5/17

UPDATE: Shadow Troops added to Top Ten as 10th.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – With the last month of armies now upon us, we see many shifts in the top ten.



1. Ice Warriors [73.00] [+0]

2. Light Troops [71.00] [+5]

3. Doritos [61.66] [+2]

4. Nachos [58.50] [-2]

5. Thugs [57.44] [-1]

6. Wild Ninjas [55.78] [+0]

7. Army Republic [45.84] [+3]

8. Rebel Penguin Federation [42.00] [-5]

9. Army of Club Penguin [41.50] [+2]

10. Shadow Troops [41.00] [NEW!]


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Kings Republic [40.50] [-3]

12. Hippos [37.50] [NEW!]

13. Hamburgers of CP [36.00] [NEW!]

14. Penguin Army Force [35.75] [+1]

15. Snow Ninjas [35.50] [+2]

16. Klu Klux Klan [33.50] [NEW!]

17. Blue Troops [32.50] [-7]

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1. Ice Warriors: IW held a total of four events this week, beginning with a tactics session where they maxed 27. This was followed by a training event held the next day where they again hit sizes of 27. IW then had a practice battle against the Wild Ninjas where they got around 30, before finishing their week by defeating the Doritos in the Legends Cup Quarter Finals, where they were able to achieve sizes of 45.

2. Light Troops: LT had a bit of a slow week, only logging on for one event, which was their Legends Cup Preliminary Round battle against the Thugs & Hippos where they maxed 40.

3. Doritos: DCP began their week with a training session where they maxed 28. This was followed by another training event held on Thursday which saw DCP achieve the same size. The Doritos finished off their week by maxing 40 in their Legends Cup Quarter Final battle against the Ice Warriors.

4. Nachos: The Nachos had a fairly busy week, all starting with AUSIA invasions of Blizzard & White House, where they maxed around 10 at both. This was followed by a recruiting session on Blizzard with sizes of 15. On Monday, the Nachos held an invasion/training event on Chinook where they got 20, before invading RPF’s capital, Tuxedo, with sizes of 17 on Tuesday. Later in the week, the Nachos’ UK division logged on to invade Tundra with sizes of 17, before defending Tuxedo from RPF with sizes of around 13 later that day. The Nachos finished their week by defeating the Army Republic in their LC Quarter Final Battle with sizes of 25.

5. Thugs: The Thugs began their week by battling the Hippos & Light Troops in the Preliminary Round of the Legends Cup, maxing 18 and advancing to the Quarter Finals. On Tuesday, they raided the server Tundra with sizes of around 12, before raiding Toboggan on Wednesday with the same size. On Thursday, the Thugs invaded the server Hibernate from AR, maxing sizes of around 16. This was followed by another raid of Toboggan where the Thugs were able to achieve sizes of around 10. On Saturday, the Thugs held a total of three events, all beginning with a joint battle with the Nachos against RPF/Kings where they maxed sizes of 10. This was followed by an AUSIA cleansing of the server Wool Socks which saw sizes of 10, before the Thugs finished off their week invading Cold Front with a max size of about 15.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 3.25.30 PM.png

6. Wild Ninjas: WN held a total of 12 events this week, including a practice battle against the Ice Warriors and the rest being training sessions, where WN got sizes ranging from 10-17 at all of them.

7. Army Republic: AR held two events this week, one being a formation training on Toboggan where they maxed 10, and one being a joint event with the Kings where they got around 13.

8. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF started this week off with their Legends Cup Round One battle against the Wild Ninjas & Shadow Troops, maxing 15 & easily advancing to this week’s Quarter Final. On Wednesday, RPF logged on to invade Tuxedo from the Nachos, maxing 10, before finishing their week with their invasion of Alaska on Friday, hitting sizes of around 20.

9. Army of Club Penguin: ACP held three events this week, beginning with a UK training event on Thursday where they maxed 9. This was followed by another training event the next day where they got around 10. ACP then finished their week holding a recruiting session on Blizzard where they got around 20.


10. Shadow Troops: The Shadow Troops make their first appearance on our top ten in a while, holding one event, their Legends Cup Preliminary Round battle against the RPF & WN, maxing 20.


This week we asked you if CPA Central should continue to post about CPPS armies after March 29th. Most people said to let CPAC close with the rest of the community.


So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Who will rise to the top next week? Let us know YOUR opinions in the comments below!


CPA Central Vice President


CPA Central Editor-In-Chief

17 Responses

  1. RPF is 1st best army of 2016 and CP will shut down this month, so we don’t care about TOP 10, if you wanna know.
    Anyway, Fight The Good Fight.
    Congratulations IW once again.

  2. rpf is putting no effort in @ funks lol. not saying we r the best but dont underestimate da rpf

  3. ripriprip

    pretzels and cpgt were the best tho

  4. I like seeing all the butthurt rpf members right now

    • no one is butthurt. rpf just doesnt care anymore. recruiting can get rpf from 10 to 40 in 2 days, not that hard, been showcased various times.

    • I agree with you; the RPF people in my opinion are very prideful and believe they will actually succeed into a good era after the death of CP and armies themselves. It’s rather hilarious to see people like Lord Pain still moaning and groaning about the flaws of CPA and how RPF will be the exception to the death of armies.

  5. Nice job Doritos. Bang Bang doritos gang. Let`s finish CP off with a bang. I will miss you guys when we do close our doors.

  6. I’m back

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