Notorious Bot Raider, Zuke, Threatens Shadow Troops

UPDATE: Major Army Legend, Iceyfeet1234 has now made good on his promise and has fired Zuke from the Ice Warriors, demoting him to member following his threats against Shadow Troops and involvement with Whale Republic.

UPDATE: Ice Warriors Creator, Iceyfeet1234 has promised to deowner Zuke following seeing the proof of Ice Warrior owner being completely inappropriate in actually threatening armies. Whether this will happen or not, is yet to be seen.

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Shadow Troops Empire – Whale Republic bot raider, Zuke has recently decided to threaten yet another army in regards to attacking them with Bots and this time, he’s decided to attack the Shadow Troops threatening to begin bot raids on them, potentially in order to aid the Ice Warriors in the Legends Cup by getting rid of a powerful combating army.

In the back end of 2016, a bot raid group called Whale Republic was formed. The group was named after Phin, in a rather insulting manner towards her. The group consisted of the three person team, Zuke, Devan and Olimad. Olimad was in charge of making and activitating accounts for the group. He has since admitted that he has raided, and also this week decided to threaten several armies in the Legends Cup, quite suspicious that two out of three of Whale Republic have actively made threats this week, for this reason – one could infer that the group is back together. Devan was the main botter, targeting mostly the Rebel Penguin Federation, and Zuke also has admitted to raiding the RPF in order to get membership in the Purple Republic, a claim that he’s tried to worm out of but has done so unsuccessfully.


While Zuke did originally admit to raiding the Rebel Penguin Federation, when the PR discord and steam chats were leaked to CPA Central, he soon started claiming that he’s never raided and simply has never been part of anything to do with raids. Upon Devan and Zuke refusing to allow Olimad membership into the new PR ranks, Olimad decided to expose his former brothers informing us that Zuke used the CuP script, something that at the time – Zuke claimed not to use. He has today however, admitted that up until two weeks ago, he did in fact have the script on his computer.

Zuke was then asked by RPF Leader, Chip if he wouldn’t mind searching for CuP and print screening the results, in order to check that he has in fact deleted it. As of this writing, Zuke has ignored Chip’s request and has yet to actually provide proof of CuP being deleted. As Meta, Hippos Leader and future CP Army Legend, also asked – if Zuke was never involved in the raids, why did he feel the need to have CuP, the popular bot script, in the first place?


As you can see from the above screenshot, Zuke is still claiming to have never bot raided before, despite admitting previously on discord that he did indeed bot the RPF in order to gain a rank in the Purple Republic, Zuke has clearly decided to threaten the Legends Cup Army, Shadow Troops. The Shadow Troops will be competing in the Legends Cup this afternoon against the Light Troops Army. Now, both the Shadow Troops and Light Troops have expressed genuine concern in regards to tonight’s Legend Cup tournament event, as Zuke has clearly threatened to bot raid the Shadow Troops.

The situation is that Zuke is currently a member of the Ice Warriors leadership. While the Ice Warriors leadership may not be at fault, there is no evidence that they are not telling him to do so. The fact is, while the Ice Warriors keep Zuke as owner, they are supporting thee actions of their owners, which is representing badly against them. For this reason, there have been calls from both members of the Shadow Troops and Light Troops to disqualify the Ice Warriors if they keep Zuke on the ranks.

The CPA Central administration will be taking into account all factors when deciding what to do. Despite seeing the pictures of the Ice Warriors owner threatening to raid the Shadow Troops, not only have certain figure heads such as Spy, Ice Warriors Leader refused to take action, but they have also decided to defend Zuke’s actions – a very worrying prospect in the final days of Club Penguin.

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