Andrew24 Temporarily Retires from Ice Warriors

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – One of the most influential figures within the Ice Warriors in the past few years, Andrew24, has taken a shocking leave of absence from the army. With this situation currently unfolding with the Legends Cup quarter finals just days away, what could this mean for Ice Warriors?

With Ice Warriors recent reopening, following Club Penguin’s shut down announcement, Andrew24, along with multiple other leaders have pushed Ice Warriors back to the top since their return. IW took 1st place on this weeks top ten further proving their dominance in this community.


One of IW’s most recent events

In a surprising turn of events, Andrew has made a post titled “Goodbye For Now”, announcing his temporary retirement from the army. He quickly went into about whats going on with him currently and why he has to step town temporarily and what his hopes for Ice Warriors are in these next couple of days. This leave of absence comes just days before the Legends Cup Quarter Final match up against known rivals, the Doritos. An excerpt from his retirement post can be seen below.

So sadly I’ll be missing this weeks tournament battle and the rest of the battles this week and possibly some next week. Turns out that I’ll be forced to move tomorrow which truly sucks. I feel horrible that I’ll be letting a lot of you down, but I know this leadership and many people in this army can overcome this major setback and still continue to win the battle against DCP! They are a great army.. but IW.. IW is second to none. We have the people, we have the knowledge and we have the experience. With all of those combined we can conquer anything this community throws at us. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again. Now is the time to step up, not just because I’m currently having to become inactive, but because this is when the army needs you most. You all know what you have to do. 

Winning the last tournament of this community should matter to each and every single person that has once been apart of this army. There is no better achievement that I can think of than winning the Legends Cup..the last tournament that is being held in Army History. We need to come together no matter the Era you were from, no matter who you followed, no matter who you hated or loved.. but the fact that you were in this army at a point of time in your life. This is our childhood, lets end it with a final bang. 

~ Andrew24

Ice Warriors Commander

Andrew goes on about how hes stepping down due to suddenly having to move, and states that he won’t exactly know how long he may or may not be gone but it will more than likely be for about a week. While he noted he will in fact miss the tournament battle against DCP, he strongly emphasized how he knows that if IW can all come together, they will easily beat DCP. He finished up his post by inviting all IW veterans to rejoin for this last ride.

As CPAC’s #1 reporter I took it upon myself to grab a quick interview with one of Ice Warriors’ current leaders and ever so perverted – Trader.

///====|||==== INTERVIEW WITH TRADER====|||====\

Bam: First of all, how do you think the Ice Warriors will do without Andrew at the helm?

Trader: Err – I think we’ll be fine when it all comes down to it, we’ve got just about everyone else backing us up and many vets returning. I have 100% confidence in their skills, but there’s always an adjustment period.

Bam: Any big plans for the upcoming match against the Doritos?

Trader: Yeah IW and I are going to butt f*@% DCP so hard that Mustapha is going to have a seizure in his house made of Sand and Mud slabs.

Bam: Understood and any future plans in mind?

Trader: Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll be on wall street? Maybe I’ll be able to look fresh in timbs? Maybe I’ll go pro at Roblox? What I plan to do now is continue with Club Penguin because thats the only thing I really know in life

Bam: Any last comments or statements? 

Trader: Don’t f*** with the Ice Warriors


While Trader gives us a few choice words, he also revealed the Ice Warriors will see many veterans return – along with raising questions about his possible future as a Professional Roblox Gamer.

With the temporary exit of Andrew, along with a current standing leadership, the Ice Warriors are bound to have some major obstacles to overcome, but only time will tell what becomes of them.


But what do YOU think? What do you think of Andrew’s temporary retirement? What do you think this means for the Ice Warriors? What do you think of Sammie low blowing all my posts with 5/10 scores?

 Comment with YOUR opinions below!



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