Snow Ninjas Slide Back into the Community

BELLY SLIDE, Snow Ninjas Nation – Yet another Army has returned to the Club Penguin Army Community. It seems the inevitable end of our favorite game has sparked – how about we call it – the 2017 Apocalyptic Army Rush. Who is this new Army, you ask? Excellent question! It is the Snow Ninjas, with Zach 11 at the helm for another generation. What does the leader have to say about their return?


Interview with Zach 11, Snow Ninjas Leader

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Onlooking Snow of CPAC: Why did the Snow Ninjas make the decision to join the Club Penguin Army Community once again at the time when the Club Penguin shut down is right around the corner?

Zach 11 of Snow Ninjas: I want to be able to say the Snow Ninjas were here for the end of Club Penguin.

Onlooking Snow of CPAC: Speaking of the shut down, what do you think about the idea of Armies moving to another game?

Zach 11 of Snow Ninjas: It is an idea, but it all depends on what game it is. If the game costs money then part of the community may not follow. Also, this community has always revolved around Club Penguin, so it would be a big change. I think the two best games for this would be Minecraft Factions or Roblox.

Onlooking Snow of CPAC: What goals do you wish to accomplish for the Snow Ninjas?

Zach 11 of Snow Ninjas: I’m a bit busy with school, so I’m not having any big goals, such as maxing a high number or getting 1st on the Top Ten. However, some goals I have been thinking of are keeping the Snow Ninjas active through this last month of Club Penguin, and possibly winning an upcoming competition.

Onlooking Snow of CPAC: Do you intend to enlist any leaders or owners for the Snow Ninjas to lead with you?

Zach 11 of Snow Ninjas: So far, I’ve enlisted a past UK leader back into the Snow Ninjas and Tryme79, who is a past leader, will be joining me on March 3rd. If anyone else or past owners would like to join, I am open to it.

Onlooking Snow of CPAC: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Zach 11 of Snow Ninjas: Fear the Snow!

The Snow Ninjas had their beginnings in 2008, and their first three generations were relatively inactive. The fourth generation was created in early 2015 by Zach 11. They had a sluggish start and got defaced. However, what Zach 11 was able to recover landed the Snow Ninjas tenth place on CP Army Central. A week later, a third leader helped the Snow Ninjas massively improve, hitting record highs at events. They raided the Army Republic, and won a battle with the Light Bandits due to them not showing up. In a practice battle with the Rebel Penguin Force, they maxed 25 with the threat of bots; they were reaching the peak of their generation.

A leader left in favor of the Doritos, causing the progress of the Army to slow. The introduction of a new leader helped speed up their progress, however. Soon after, the Doritos declared war, which the Snow Ninjas did not expect, and they lost the first battle. The Doritos then took their capital with little resistance. The war was not going well for the Snow Ninjas.

The Snow Ninjas, upset with their losses, invaded to claim their former capital. Both sides declared victory, as per usual. The Snow Ninjas began to use a strategy where they invaded two of the Doritos’ servers whenever one of theirs was invaded. Eventually, the war ended with a treaty.

In a war with the Red Ninjas, the Snow Ninjas had one of their longest battles. The Silver Surfers joined the war to help the Red Ninjas, and presented an ultimatum that was denied. There was a lot of back-and-forth, but the Silver Surfers exited the war via a treaty. A new leader joined the Snow Ninjas after the war.

The Snow Ninjas took a hit when they suffered a loss against the Blue Miners’ Army in the Legends Cup V. Zach 11 got convinced into shutting down the Snow Ninjas by one of his fellow leaders, a decision he regrets. Today, the Snow Ninjas is a democratic Army, and is allied with the Wild Ninjas and the Thugs.

So, what do YOU think? Will the Snow Ninjas accomplish their stated goals? Will they move to a CPPS, or even another game? Or will they just slip into oblivion?

Onlooking Snow

CPA Central Reporter

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