Legends Cup VIII – End Of An Era: Preliminary Round Review


The first weekends of battles have now passed and four armies have had their dreams of Legends Cup success ended. It was a weekend full of controversy, but key learning curves on how to deal with issues associated with bots in the more crucial rounds of the tournament. In each of the battle a winner was picked as well as a runner-up, meaning that only one army was eliminated from each battle at this stage of the tournament.


Doritos vs. Army of CP vs. Army Republic

Three historic armies were drawn against each other, but with two not performing to high standards it was an easy and dominant victory for the Doritos. They managed to easily deal with the raids moreso than the other two armies, with superior size and tactics, meaning that they took the clear victory ahead of ACP and AR. It was a close fight for second between the two armies, but the judges ruled that the Army Republic would take the second qualification spot. This resulted in an early exit for the Army of CP.

All three armies did not provide a picture, meaning that none can be included in this results post.


TPAF vs. Nachos vs. Ice Warriors

This battle took place in the Pool, despite heavy raiding, where the Nachos managed to get 10+ troops into the room. The Ice Warriors got below this number into the battle room and the Nachos dealt generally better with the bots, forming solid formations. The Penguin Army Force failed to attend the battle entirely, meaning it was eventually an easy path for both the Nachos and Ice Warriors into the next round.

Due to the superiority of the Nachos in size and tactics, as seen in the picture above, the judges voted in favour of the Nachos Army to advance as battle winners, with the Ice Warriors going through in second place. The Nachos will face the Army Republic in the next round, while the Ice Warriors will go into a heavy weight clash with the Doritos. The Penguin Army Force were eliminated from the tournament


RPF vs. Wild Ninjas vs. Shadow Troops

This battle was the one most impacted by raids, with several room changes needed to debate a winner. The RPF held a slight advantage in several rooms, while the Shadow Troops also provided close competition in terms of size and organisation. The Wild Ninjas largely disappointed, with only a few troops managing to enter the battle rooms on regular occurrences.

The Judges had a tough decision to make, with one vote being the difference between the top two. It was decided that the Rebel Penguin Federation had a minor advantage over the Shadow Troops, with both armies advancing to the Quarter-Finals of the Legends Cup. The Wild Ninjas were eliminated much earlier than expected.


Hippos vs. Thugs vs. Light Troops

After a slight change in the judging and battle system, this was the only one of the four battles to go through without bot raids. As the Light Troops had clear superiority, the Hippos were given an advantage in an initial battle room and then the advantage was swapped with a room change to the Thugs – to evenly judge the other two armies’ abilities. This allowed for the battle to remain free of bot raids successfully, unlike the other three battles.

The Light Troops dominated both rooms with much superior size and tactics, seeing them through as the clear winner of the battle. The fight for second was close between the Thugs and Hippos and the Thugs, who went through in second place, only won by one vote. The Thugs were deemed to have greater dominance in the Ice Berg, compared to the Hippos’ slightly decreased dominance in the Dock, the initial battle room. The Thugs went through with the Light Troops into the next round, while the Hippos were eliminated. The Light Troops will face the Shadow Troops, while the Thugs face the Rebel Penguin Federation.



So after the first weekend, the Army of CP and Wild Ninjas are the big names to be knocked out of the competition. The ACP will now never win the Legends Cup, with eight attempts ending in failure for the legendary army. The Penguin Army Force and Hippos also were knocked out of the tournament, and four more will join them next weekend in the Quarter-Finals. Who will advance to the next round and who do you see as the favourites at this stage to win the trophy? Comment what YOU think on the latest developments of the tournament.


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