Ryan Issues Apology For Bot Raids || RPF Resume War With Nachos

Tuxedo, RPF Nation – Over the past few months bot raiding has been a large problem in our community and on Club Penguin after the sudden rise of Cloud Penguin (CuP), today we see Ryan, who had raided armies over the summer under the alias of Qarv apologizes for his bot raids on the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Over the summer of 2016, we saw plenty of armies being bot raided by penguins wearing ghost costumes and pumpkins on their heads, the leader being Qarv. The bot raids weren’t just aimed towards one army or two armies, it was every army that was alive at the time. Even the CPA Central Legends Cup was bot raided by this guy. He was causing trouble and terror in armies for a couple of months and no one knew how he had been able to do this.

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It was only recently when Qarv was exposed for being Ryan, Former Nacho’s Leader by Chip (former RPF leader). When Ryan was exposed for being Qarv, he did eventually tell everyone how he bot raided every army. Here is what he said:

Back in June, I was leading the Night Rebels and I hired botter Olimad (I didn’t know that he was a botter at the time), and he gave me hundreds of penguins made with a penguin maker script that he had. Fast forward to a month or so later, I was the second in command of the Nacho Army and we were being raided on Club Penguin by a mysterious botter. Stone543 said that it was another botter using Cloudpenguin, and I had never heard of this program, so I researched it out of interest. I wasn’t a bad guy, but when I read up on it, I became curious and clicked download.

Time went by and I was a regular on Blizzard as a guy trolling Club Penguin players just for fun. I would run into the pizza parlor with bots and leave those guys like, “WTF!!??”, and then charge out and march through Club Penguin. And the hub for all botters was the Stadium, where the big sport was watching the botters charge through the room and even battle other bot groups like armies.

Suddenly, like a light bulb, an idea came to my mind, something that I had never done before and was the upmost strike. Anyone that did this was hated and seen as the villian of the Club Penguin Army Community.

Ryan begun telling the community about when he got into botting downloading the bot programme, Cloudpenguin and using it to troll Club Penguin players on the server Blizzard. I wonder why people hate our army community? Ryan continued on with his post.

For many years, I had been a young noob that first joined the army community at 8 years of age. I was always trying to rise an army but failed miserably, being humiliated and made fun of as time went on. Another thing I did was make mistakes when I was young that ended up turning out horribly, like being stupid enough to imposter Lorenzo Bean to return the Night Warriors in 2014, only to be caught by Boomer. And when I failed at leading the Dark Warriors, everyone went around xat with “WEBELIEVERYAN” and that went on for months. It hurt, as it wasn’t in a nice way, it was mean-spirited. To this day, I can’t even go on a chat without people throwing jibes at me and cussing me out, and again, it hurt beyond words. And I know that this will make the jibes be on more fire than ever, but this is something that I have to confess to. Also, I am not a bad guy, just a very stupid one and I so regret this.

One day I got on an hour before an RPF event and set up my bots, as I had been used by Elmikey while in RPF before and I was disgusted by the way that he treated troops like toys, including treating myself like that. Suddenly, my bots (these were the penguins Olimad gave me) erupted into the stadium and began their attack, but they crashed instantly and RPF laughed at my failed attempt. This only angered me and I learned more about the program, including how to save the bots and their positions, instead of having to set them up 1 by 1 each time. No one knew about this but me, and my raiding continued and suddenly started getting out of hand.

Ryan continued on speaking about how he believed that he was safe from people finding out that it was indeed  him botting. He then spoke about how he targeted CP Army Central tournaments. He also spoke about how the Water Vikings became a huge target of his not actually giving a reason as to why this was. He continued with his insanely long post.

Time came to go on vacation and I decided to stop botting two weeks before I left, so that no one would notice that the bots disappeared when I did. I botted every now and again once I returned, but I pretty much stopped except for a couple of times here and there. In October I was at school and I checked chat while on puffin, and it was in an uproar over some post that Chip had made. He had accused a high ranking Nacho of being Qarv, and while he was protecting me by not enclosing my name even though he knew it was me, everyone was now trying to figure out who was the guilty party. Badboy, who admitted to botting the Night Warriors, even asked me for botting tips! LOL!

Of course I went on the denial, although Chip kept accusing me on main chat. I ended up after a month or so, admitting to Chip that I was Qarv, as he threatened to post it on the site and that this was my last chance to confess. After pleading to him to keep my secret, he said that he’d protect me and I have been grateful that he hasn’t revealed my secret since, as I had stopped botting a while back.

Again, I am not a bad guy, I really am not, except for the fact that I felt that I had been treated badly and used. I am not like some people who did wrong and they couldn’t care less, as I am admitting that I screwed up. I am also aware that everyone in the community and my own troops will probably hate me now, and that this may even cost me my rank. But I have to get this off of my chest, I can’t keep this inside of me haunting my waking day. AND I WILL STATE THAT I NEVER RAIDED THE NACHOS, AS I LOVE THIS ARMY. THAT WAS SOME RANDOM GUY THAT WORKED OFF OF THE QARV IDEA AND THE CONTROL BOT FOR THOSE WAS QARV1.

It was only today, February 16th 2017, when Ryan apologizes to the Rebel Penguin Federation for bot raiding them over the summer. Ryan had told Elmikey in private earlier today. Here is what he said:

In Ryan’s statements, he personally apologizes for bot raiding the Rebel Penguin Federation over the summer and how he is not a bad guy who just made a big mistake and he regrets for doing the bot raids. 

As a result of Ryan apologizing to the Rebel Penguin Federation for the bot raids, the Rebel Penguin Federation have decided to cancel the peace treaty between them and the Nachos and have decided to fight the Nachos in the war. (A post will be out on the war soon). It all seems very exciting as armies have decided to lay off the CPPS events which is good since people can actually fight more legitimately and better without name colour and multilogs.

I personally think that Ryan is being a man by owning up and apologizing for his actions, it takes real courage to do such thing and therefore he should gain at least a little bit of respect, but as for the fact that he did ruin the final summer Club Penguin armies will ever have, he should still be disappointed with himself. I’m glad he’s moved on a bit and I’m glad he has apologized too.

So what do YOU think about Ryan apologizing to Elmikey for his bot raids over the summer? Will Ryan ever bot raid again? Will the RPF and Nacho war resume or be bot raided? Here at CPA Central we want YOUR opinions!

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  1. I do not see how this is a big deal, enough of a deal to make a post? I had confessed in December, just apologizing to Elm personally. Can I freaking do that without it becoming a big publicity thing for CPAC to get posts out?




    “Ryan Issues Apology Regarding Bot Usage” WOULDVE BEEN A BETTER TITLE THAN

    “Ryan apologizes for bot raiding the Rebel Penguin Federation”

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