Night Warriors – Inactive Or Preparing For Future?

FOG, NW Nation – The Night Warriors have been a strong figure in the community since they have returned. Although they are one of the most popular armies, they have been inactive for quite some time now. Will the Night Warriors rise up to stardom once again or will they die out?

It was only one month ago that the Night Warriors made their return into the community. The hype was extremely visible in the Night Warriors as we saw both xxToysoldier and Drake return.


NW’s Reopening Event

Although they have returned, over the past few weeks we have noticed a slow decline in the Night Warriors. The amount of events they started having began to lessen. The leadership had began to become extremely inactive. Their last event was over 10 days ago.


Most recent NW event. held on 1/19/17

Since their last event on the 19th, there has been some rumors going around that the Night Warriors would be closing down or simply die out. I have gathered information to see what is going on with the Night Warriors. On NW site, xxToysoldier had posted the following:

We’re going to rebuild our website and come up with new revolutionary ideas that could affect armies as a whole. Our entire ownership and modship will be remade, prepare for the changes.

Events will be posted later in the week

In his post, he talks about rebuilding the website and how he and other NW leaders will be coming up with new, revolutionary ideas that could change armies. I managed to grab a quick interview with NW leader, Badboy, and ask a couple of questions regarding NW’s current state.

CPAC: When will the Night Warriors return?

Bad: We never closed, were just recovering from a bit of inactivity along with the bot raids over the past few weeks. We should be back up and running with new ideas, and fun by the end of the week. 

CPAC: What ideas will you guys be bringing to the community?

Bad: Nothing anyone else can bring.

CPAC: Will we be seeing the same leadership? 

Bad: As of now the leadership will be myself, Toy, SH and BMX. Drake has been dealing with a lot of personal issues lately, and Taco has decided to retire for the time being. Hopefully we will see them both return in the near future.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Bad: No thanks.

As you can see from the interview, there will be plenty of changes in the upcoming weeks for the Night Warriors. Will we see them make a huge impact on the community and potentially re-enter the top ten? What will these new revolutionary ideas brought up by XxToysoldier be and will they prove to be effective?

What do YOU think? Will the Night Warriors continue to decline or will we see them dominate the community once more? Comment YOUR opinion, and thanks for reading!


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