Heat Warriors Return

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After almost an entire year of closure, the Heat Warriors have returned to the community for what could be their final shot at CPA fame. This announcement has come from the leader, Sonic on the morning of the Top Ten coming out.

The Heat Warriors were created by Sonic, Pengton19 and Beat13. This is a rare occurrence in the community as usually, armies have only one sole creator however with three of them, the potential from problematic circumstances begins to creep up to higher extents. Although the exact date is unknown, it is presumed that the creation would have occurred in or around 2013. We were unable to locate the original site belonging to the army, leading to a lack of information. Although information about the army’s history is scarce, a lesser known, suspected unofficial generation of the army was opened by Lord Brad in 2016 – seeming to of had little to no success.

The announcement of the Heat Warriors’ return came at the end of December, on the 31st, declared by Sonic. Despite not saying much about the army and their return, Sonic did announce the date of return, alongside plans for their comeback event. This would mean they would miss out on being on the 8th January Top Ten however would be attempting to qualify for the January 15th Top Ten, following what they would surely hope to be a heist of successful events.

The announcement of the Heat Warriors’ return.

Just as stated by their makeshift schedule, the Heat Warriors held their return event on January 8th at the times which were announced – making this a UK/US division event. In this, the army successfully maxed sizes of 4, averaging 3. The army’s leaders stated that they are looking to “improve” the army starting tomorrow. This means that the Heat Warriors will indeed be considered for a Top Ten placement this week.

The Heat Warriors in their return event, maxing 4.

The return of the Heat Warriors comes at a time in which the army community has begun to lack a small army division. For this reason, it’s refreshing to see a new army being made, especially one that has had a rich history in the past being a force on SM army news sites.

What do YOU think? Do you think that the Heat Warriors will actually find any success? Or do you think there is simply no room for a new smaller army in the changing climate? Comment your opinion as we here at CPA Central care what YOU think!


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  1. HW was made in 2013 just to clarify 🙂

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