Battle Review: Night Rebels vs. Night Warriors || Practice Battle on Fog

FOG, Night Warriors Empire – On the 4th of January, the Night Rebels and Night Warriors faced off in a practice battle. Who won this encounter?

On the most recent Top Ten Armies, the Night Rebels landed 10th and the Night Warriors achieved 7th. Both armies clashed in a practice battle to see who was stronger.

The Battle:

The battle was held on the 4th of January on the Night Warriors’ capital, Fog. The battle was 30 minutes and both armies showed up in different colors, NR’s being white and NW’s being black.
They battled in three rooms; the Snow Forts, the Ice Rink and the Ice Berg. Both armies were close in size, but the Night Warriors had a slight advantage, getting a few more troops online than Night Rebels. The tactics from the armies were good but, again, Night Warriors had the upper hand in both rooms.
From looking at pictures, we see that both armies fought hard in the Snow Forts but Night Warriors managed to pull through and were able to produce higher quality tactics then Night Rebels. NW is seen in the picture below performing better tactics than NR and managing to have better sizes as well.

In the Ice Berg both armies fought hard, but, as before, Night Warriors managed to pull through with tactics and size. NR did put up a good fight at the Ice Berg as well as the town; however, they could not eventually overcome NW’s larger showing.
Formations were much better in the Ice Rink compared to the Snow Forts. Although it was a great battle, with both sides fighting hard, the Night Warriors had the upper hand throughout, resulting in a victory for them.

Result Posts:

  • Night Warriors:

We had 55 users on our chat. We ended up being raided. We had 30 on CP before being raided, and ended with around 30. This proves NW will NOT be hindered from any progress, there are simply only obstacle

  • Night Rebels:

Hey Night Rebels!
We had a Practice Battle with the Night Warriors at this event, on server Fog. We lost to the NW, but this Pb was hell of the ride. It’s suppose to be fun. The bots were raiding us at this whole event, but left at the very end. We need to keep it up and do it way better than this. We need to be organized for this, Night Rebels. But overall we did ok but l am not impressive for this.

We maxed 14.


In my opinion, the Night Rebels and the Night Warriors, both being recently returning armies, did a great job. However, the Night Warriors had the advantage of both size and tactics, and these earned them the victory this time.

So, what do YOU think? Who do you think actually won? Could Night Rebels, if they had more troops online, have defeated the Night Warriors? Comment below with YOUR opinion!


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