Editorial: Reconciling the Greatest Mistake of My Administration

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters — Many members of this community have expressed recent frustration over the repetitiveness with which events in this community transpire, over our feigned shock as the exact same thing happens for the tenth time, and over our failure to deal with it due to fear of overstepping the regulations or diverging a path from the one commonly embarked upon. After wrestling with this topic and with whether or not I, in retirement, wanted to alienate a coalition that supported me throughout most of my administration, I have become resigned to the fact that this is too important; that not to say it, and say it myself, would be failing the ideals to which I constantly aspired and encouraged my readers to do the same.  Continue reading

Marines and Rebel Penguin Federation Current War Coverage

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FROZEN, Marines Capital – With the Marines declaring war on the Rebel Penguin Federation just under 4 days ago (which you can read about by clicking HERE), they have already went through copious battles. Press Continue reading to view the current war coverage.

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April 2016 Legend Induction Results

We’ve tallied both the public votes and the Legends Committee votes. We have one new name to add to the list of legends this election cycle. Read on for the April 2016 Legend Induction Results.

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Dark Warriors Announce Official Return

Flippers, Dark Warriors Capital – The Dark Warriors, a legendary army have announced their return this week. Will the Dark Warriors be able to reclaim the glory they once had?

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The following is classified as an Editorial. The opinions in the post are that of the writers only. They do not represent the views of CPAC as a whole. 

Umammoth, Club Penguin Army Central – The hacking, RATs and DDoSing has gone on too long, we need to stop it.

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Ice Hounds Surrender War Against Silver Surfers

Hockey, Ice Hounds Capital – The Ice Hounds recently ended their war with the Silver Surfers. The war has been filled with several invasions and defenses. Continue reading for more on the war..

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Marines Reopen & Declare War on RPF

Frozen, Marines Capital – The Club Penguin Marines, who died in late 2015, recently opened their doors. The army is being led by Tot and Epic Master, former Light Troops owners.

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WARNING: Do NOT Download Waterkids “Recruiting” Script


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Water Vikings Enter Lockdown

Frostbite, Water Vikings Capital – The Water Vikings have recently closed their doors. They were recently led by Astro, Jack, Katie and Buddy.

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Closure Of Light Troops

Ice Box, Light Troops Capital – The Light Troops returned to this community a few weeks ago, ever since then, they have been able to hold a ranking on the Top Ten in which every army dreams of.
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