Verum Retires From The Night Warriors Leadership

Fog, Night Warriors Capital – Following the leave of Sprite and Flen, Verum the Night Warriors leader has recently left his leadership position in the army and has retired. Click Continue Reading to learn more about the retirement of Verum..

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Top Ten Armies: 2/28/2016

UPDATE: Descriptions have been added.

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ – Activity hit a massive drop this week, lets see how it impacted the standings.

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SWAT Reopens With Ganger90 At The Helm

MAMMOTH, SWAT Capital – In an unexpected turn of events, the SWAT army has decided to come back for another generation with Moneytrees, Zuke, Ganger90 and Domsamillion at the helm. Click Continue to learn more about the reopening..

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Tensions Rise Between Doritos And Underground Mafias Army

SUMMIT, Doritos Capitol – After shutting down the DCP army just 8 days ago, Mustapha1ox has decided to start some tensions with the newly recreated UMA army.  Continue reading

Top Ten Armies: 2/21/16

**Update**: Evidence against NW has been added, 

**Update**: Due to an oversight, the Redemption Force was not calculated in this weeks Top Ten. Their score, and their rank, has been added. 

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ – This week we see a spectacular rise from a newly recreated army, as well as radical improvement with many legend armies.

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Wozza Promoted to Water Vikings Leader

Frostbite, Water Vikings Capital – Wozza, the Night Rebels creator who had recently left for Water Vikings 2nd in control, has recently been promoted to leader of the army. Click Continue Reading to learn more about Water Vikings promoting Wozza..

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Elites Army Makes Its Return

SUMMIT, Elites Capital – Just yesterday the Elites Army had made its booming return back to the community with leaders such as Step, Peep, Burberry, and new faces like Badboy leading the Elites for the first time. What does this mean for the Elites Army?

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Night Rebels Website Defaced

NORTH POLE, Night Rebels Capital – After their chat was defaced by none other than their own creator, we see that Night Rebels’ website has been defaced. Will Night Rebels be able to recover from this?

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Hacking and How To Negate It

KLONDIKE, Tax’s Philosophy Desk- After several controversial point of views, we often now see several forms of hacking in the community, sometimes involving major army leaders. Most notably a recent statement made by Toy, Night Warriors Leader has stated he has various current army leaders on his bot net. Whether is may be a fact or a lie, what is really hacking and how can you avoid it?

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The Underground Mafias Alliance Declares War on the Redemption Force

UMAMMOTH, Underground Mafias Alliance Head Quarters – On February 16, 2016, the UMA Alliance has formally executed a declaration of war on the Redemption Force, the Redemption Force however, has yet to reply but a post interview is included in this post on the Redemption Force’s plans and word.This alliance is only aimed towards one army and one army only, the Redemption Force.  What does this mean for the Redemption Force?

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