TCP- Coming Back?

Hello CPAC,

There is a big surprise coming from the latest post on the Tostitos’ website.  Lord Pain is planning on bringing back the former Top 10 army.  However, he doesn’t plan on leading it himself  just yet.

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Happy Halloween from CP Army Central

This is Halloween

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Army Of Club Penguin – Under Pressure?

Recently, Funks (ACP 2ic) has been burdened with the pressure of battling the 3 legendary armies; Light Troops, SWAT and Club Penguin Pirates Army.

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SWAT Declares War on Army of Club Penguin

Just as ACP finished up their war with the Pirates, they found themselves at war again.  SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) recently declared war on ACP.  ACP currently holds the number four spot in the top ten while SWAT is ranked at eighth.  What was the reason for declaring war?  How long will the war last?  Who will win in the end?

On the 29th of October, SWAT leader xiunknown made a post on the SWAT site declaring war on ACP.  The following is from the post on the SWAT site:

We will be declaring war on ACP, why? Fun. I know people like Funks and Ek are going to be like “OMGZ WE HAVE BEEN IN WAR 4 SIX MONTHS!1!111!!!1″ Yes, and we’ve been preparing for this moment for six months? Problem?

I also know ACP is going to try and fight us at UK times, […]  So if ACP tries to pull that move, pirates will be defending for us at UK times.

ACP responded with a post on their site:

So, right when we think were out, we get pulled right back in, am I right? It’s like they won’t stop until were dead :P . But, if its a war they want, its a war they’ll get. You see below that almost all of the battles are in the USA timezone. Which means that our USA force has to be as good as ever. I was in SWAT before (3ic to be exact) and they aren’t an army to be taken lightly. So, please read the defenses below and see if you can make them!

SWAT scheduled several invasions of ACP.  The invasions were scheduled at USA times since SWAT knew ACP would most likely make UK invasions of them.  ACP later scheduled an invasion of SWAT with a UK friendly time.

Today, SWAT raided ACP’s server Breeze with their Morning Team.  SWAT 2ic Crazy186 seemed pleased with the results.

Hi guys so today we raided acp we Maxed 9 and averaged about 8 we did very good.For our first Morning team event.

Below are some pictures from the raid:


Interview with Spi6 – SWAT Leader:

What was the reason for declaring war on ACP?

Spi6: We declared war on ACP to get SWAT active mainly.

Do you think SWAT can defeat ACP in the war?

Spi6: Yes, we can, unless if ACP schedules too many UK battles, which will be in a result of the “No Ally” rule.

How do you plan on defeating ACP?

Spi6: Well, it really depends on ACP’s actions.  If they schedule American and UK times fairly.

How long do you think the war will last?

Spi6: Probably around 2-3 months.

Any final thoughts?

Spi6: ACP better not schedule too many UK invasions, otherwise ACP will regret for doing that.


Comment with YOUR opinion on this new war.  Will SWAT or ACP be the victors?  How long will it last?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

Pirates End Order 67

Recently, the legendary army, Pirates, came to a decision to end the current hype of Club Penguin Warfare, Order 67. ‘Why?’, you may ask. ‘What are their next plans?’. Read on to find out!

Scroller says it all
Waterkid proclaims that the SMAA Alliance did not influence his decision, it was the Light Troops former leader, Ioio, who is forming bigger plans with Waterkid. The CPPA battles and invasions are being replaced by recruiting sessions, and Water requests all troops to remove the Swastika (N*zi Symbol) from their Xat Display Names. (WordPress does not allow the word ‘N*zi to be written, therefore it is censored).

He has also told the SMAA alliance not to say things to the likeness of ‘WE HAVE DEFEATED THE HITLERIAN WATERKID!’

He stated:

You guys lost to us on Hockey and had to crop us out of your pictures because we were bigger then you for the whole thing. If it wasn’t for Ioioluk we would still be invading and raiding you guys, so thank him when you see him.

Waterkid has pledged that soon the Pirates, alongside the Light Troops, will be hot at war with another army. His clue is:

”We’re flicking the boogers

… I’m sure we all know what he means by that, but I won’t give it away, as Waterkid intends to keep the data classified.

Waterkid also promised not to burden any of his troops with the hardship of inflicting the regime of Adolf Hitler around the Club Penguin Army World, and is officially finished with the involvement of any N*zi or German hatred/discrimination.

~ Nick


I recommend EVERYONE reads this post. This is not a post specifically about Club Penguin Warfare, but more about the time change in the UK. Recently, It has moved backward by 1 hour. Read more for the conversions.                                    Continue reading

Editorial: Why War is Not Fair and Why It Should Stay that Way

Forward: This is an Editorial written by yours truly, Sir Bluesockwa the 2nd. The opinions in this post are purely stated for your consideration and pondering and do not represent the opinions of CPAC as whole.

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Pirates Army ‘Order 67’

The well-known army, led by the notorious Waterkid100, have officially declared war on all Small-Medium armies implicated with Club Penguin Warfare. However, Pungy (Head of SMAC site and Global Defenders leader), intends to disrupt this occurrence.

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Winners of the Top 10 Best leaders

Top 10 Best leaders of the last six months.

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CPAC Scary Showdown: Round 2 Times

Yeah, there was a really large delay on this with some confusion, but we’ve got four teams moving on to round four. Times are below. Continue reading