CPA Central Becoming Self Hosted

Woton: Tomb, I need you to do something with the domain for me. I sent you an email.

Tomb edit: I am somewhat bewildered by the fact that all these months of me suggesting to go self hosted, my ideas were shot down. Thank you Woton, for finally upgrading everyone here. Also, I need to talk to you. I can get hosting for us for nearly nothing. 😉

As you may have heard, some major changes will be coming to CPA Central in the near future. All of these changes will start with CPA Central becoming self hosted, which I and the CPA Central staff members, are currently doing. More information about the exciting changes coming to CPA Central and the ways that this self hosting will benefit your viewing experience coming soon.

For now, we ask that you remain patient, as there may be some noticeable technical difficulties in the near future (although there also may be none at all). Hopefully, this will not interfere with the current Champions Cup. Thanks for your support.


Why Armies Need Spies

It’s been a while since I posted, and I apologize for that. This post was written over a long period of time, so I also apologize if it is somewhat scattered. However, let’s get on with the post.


The post that follows is highly opinionated and may not be entirely factual. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Kingfunks4 Fired from CPAC

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CPASC- Applications || Stories to Read

As CPASC is CPAC’s brother site, I feel the need to give a bit of an update on how we’re doing, possibly some new writers, and stories to check out. Continue reading

What causes an army to rise?

Hello, and welcome to another post. This time we’ll be discussing what causes an army to rise. It is a debatable topic and thus this is my view. Anyways, what actually causes a army to rise and get into the top 10. After all, that’s every army’s secret goal.

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Introduction || Fallen and Risen Armies || CPPS: A Possible Opening in Armies?

Hey guys, I’m here to bring you big news and yes an introduction.  I’ll cover the amazing topics such as the rising and falling of new armies and my idea of the “army” cycle.  Plus a thing called CPPS, a possible opening for us all.  It’s kind of philosophy post but yeah, slow news day.  Let’s get started with… My intro.

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CPA Central Viewer Survey – YOU Participate!

Hi there. I’m Woton, you may remember me as the creator of this great website. Recently, I’ve been talking with CPA Central’s current staff about making some major upgrades to the site. First, before we do anything, we’d like to know what YOU think, as a viewer of CPA Central, and what will improve YOUR experience here. Please take a few moments of your time to answer a few polls we have set up:

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Battle Report – LT vs SWaT over Deep Snow

Hello CPAC. I am one of your newest reporters, Splashy. And my first post here on CPAC as a reporter is going to be a Battle Report. This BR is the Light Troops defence of Deep Snow against SWaT. LT and SWaT are currently at war, as you may already know, so these battles are bound to be intense. Let’s take a look at what happened.

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Shadow Troops Getting Revenge on DCP

Hello, I’m Kooldude, back as a “Trial Reporter”, but I’m confident I’m going to stay on CPAC with the interesting subjects in the army world. Anyways, the vindictive Shadow Troops are declaring war upon the Doritos and are looking relentless. I have a feeling this war is going to be serious.

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Introduction/Bullying In Armies?

Disclaimer: This Post is completely opinion and could be offensive to some armies/people used in the examples listed, I take full responsibility for offending you.

Hello Viewers!

I would like to introduce myself before starting “the real post”. I’m known as Vetsd, often referred to as “Vets” which I’m also alright with. I’ve been in many armies and ranks have ranged from Leader to Corporal :p. I promise you Funks, I will only post with the highest quality possible and will post actively unlike when I was a reporter, for all you that knew this, I was a reporter before I was fired for not posting. I purposely did not post because being a reporter was not really my thing and I felt like I’d be in a better position as a philosopher position. An interesting question here, does bullying happen in cp armies? We’ve seen cases that people called “bullying” but were they really bullying?Read More to find out 😀 Continue reading