A New Beginning for the WW

Recently the Watex Warriors have been declining in size and activity. At an event a few weeks ago, no one came. This is a serious problem for a Top Ten Army. Here was the review of the battle:

Cewan Edit:  Actually, Goliath and I were the only ones to show up.  Goliath left, and I was the only one on chat.  To avoid humiliation, I postponed THEIR invasion.

Ok, so since nobody else is posting, I will. Here’s the report on the battle versus AR: FAIL. Nobody showed up, not even,shamefully, me. HOW CAN THIS BE? We haven’t had something like that happen since a long time ago. So in order to avoid a fiasco like this again, I command EVERYONE with enough attention span to read this all to KEEP READING, READ the information I’m going to post about the next PB, REMEMBER the information, then BE THERE if possible.

 On April 21, 2011, The WW decided to close the site altogether and start the army from scratch. All the ranks were deleted and everyone must rejoin.

Here is the original post on this:

Many soldiers have just ditched us for other armies this past month. Due to this fact, we will start fresh again. We will follow Luc’s original plan and start as a small army. The time of re-opening will remain unknown.

This site will be closed

starting Saturday at 1 PM


Chat will remain open: http://xat.com/wwofcp

-WW Leaders: Wexfief, Cewan, Greenday9991 

At their most recent event, just before the site closed, WW invaded the server of Cloudy. Here are a few pictures:

As you can see, WW maxed at about 6 troops at this battle. This is a major drop compared to their sizes about a month ago. Here is a picture from the tournament battle with the Nachos:

This continued drop in size eventually led to the army’s temporary closure. WW  has decided to restart as a small army, and work their way up by taking progressively larger steps each day. Here is the post:

There will be change.

As we restart this army, many changes will occur for the benefit of the army.

We will start small, think small, be small. But as we work and live on, we will take bigger and bigger steps everyday. As time moves, we will move. Soon, we will be superior. We will rise to the top ten once again. But we will march on. We will rise to be on the Top 5. And after we succeed, we will be a Top 3 army. I have faith in this army and I believe that we can rise to be a successful and steady Top 5 army. We will not collapse like our past. We will succeed.

Now, we have deleted our ranks page. We will restart the ranks. Most likely, we will give your old rank back. We have a list of your ranks. However, we actually may change your rank a bit, who knows? So comment on the join page if you want to rejoin or join. However, this isn’t a comment for just the heck of making it. Making this comment will show that you will be loyal to the Watex Warriors.

The WW’s restart is a tactic that, while it may hinder the army for a time, has the potential to greatly help it in the future. If the WW are successful with their reconstruction, they could become a far more powerful army than they were before. GT did something similar to this after they had experienced a fall last year, and it worked quite well for them.

In the end, only time will tell what becomes of the Watex Warriors.

What do you think? Will WW’s restart be successful? Comment your opinion!



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  1. 3rd and rlly WW have fallen big time and to think they were 8th about a month or two ago. Surprising how far an army can drop. NW seem to be heading in this direction also.

  2. Hehe, AR was in a picture there.

  3. This new start will be better than ever before.

  4. WW have done this in the past, in May 2010, the army was closed and everything was restarted, and they became a very large army within 1 month, it was worth it to restart.

  5. I have to admit that this post is very accurate. Nice job.

  6. Let there be change. :3 Eat waffles ppl.

  7. I might join WW..

  8. Good, good. I hope we rise again (We will, we always do, don;t we?). By the way, the first post was mine (:

  9. Good use of the evidence from WW’s website *y*.
    If you look at WW from another perspective, you may find it quite amusing since it’s very interesting with the bumps and risks this army utilizes/takes *chew*

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