Army Updates

Hello viewers let’s get straight to the post since I don’t have much time.

1.) The Army of Club Penguin- ACP has recently has been building their relationship with The Nachos. They’ve had various PB’s with them, and ACP won the last one with 40+ troops, this proves ACP is still the largest and strongest army in CP. They’ve released a chapter of their story, and shocked a few people by helping The Nachos in their defense of their capital; Fjord.

2.) Nachos of CP- The Nachos have been recently in all out-war against UMA and all other armies in “The War on Ignorance” their former allies, their reason was for fun and they needed a war. They lost to UMA on Whitehouse due to small numbers. But on Mountain Nachos won with an apparently 30+, on Cloudy The Nachos had 25+ on CP, facing opposition from only The Rebel Penguin Federation.

Golden Troops- GT is an army of great power and strength, this army has regained their old position of being in the top four not quite long ago. This army has recently done many unscheduled event, in most of them they had what seems to be 25+, Tap Dancer has proposed “Tap’s Code”, with this when members retire they must notify the owners, when mod retires they become Modvisors, and when owners retire they become advisor. They also joined The War alongside The Nachos and ACP, and scheduled a PB with IW.

Underground Mafias of CP- UMA has been in a massive war, now their “War on Ignorance,” is in a whole new level, with The Nachos alongside ACP and GT have declared war on all armies participating on The War on Ignorance, UMA has made peace with many armies like DCP and Water Vikings, and now are hoping to fend off Nachos Alliance with their own alliance, in the battle of Whitehouse they had a large amount of numbers and won. They’ve been raiding Nachos a lot, even a raid on their capital with 20+, on The Battle of Mountain, UMA lost with 25+ but with a lot of confidence still in them, they’ve also scheduled a PB with NW.

Macheraraidnacho2.png (806×389)

5.) Team Gold- TG is an army not quite popular, but no matter, they have been at war with RPF, and are luckily being ignored by The Nachos, they’ve claimed RPF is changing times and are cheating to win and such, anyways they’ve had 20+ in battles.

(Click to Enlarge.)

6.) Ice Warriors – IW has been in what seems to be on a fall. They’ve had invasions of their own servers due to small armies claiming them, they had a PB against CP Crew with 15+ and won. They’ve made many events including a PB with GT.

Light Troops of CP- Another quite not so loved army, LT is defiantly major though, they were allies of UMA in the War on Ignorance but now with The Nachos and their allies coming in they have stood defiantly along with UMA, DCP and a few others.

8.) Doritos of CP- Yet another not the favorite army of the community, DCP has been working hard to regain their World Power status, they were one of the main armies against UMA, but now they have united their swords against The Nachos.

9.) The Elites- The Elites are an army with many generations, people doubted if they would be able to get to the top ten, The Elites are helping UMA against The Nachos, and are being quite sucessful, they’ve had a PB with GT where they lost but had 15+.

10.) Club Penguin Sun Troops- CPST is one of the original merge armies that made the mighty GT, now this army has re-entered the top ten they’ve had many PB’s and in a tournament event they had 30+,

Other armies with top ten potential:

  • Night Warriors
  • Dark Warrior
  • Army of Republic
  • Club Penguin Crew

Well i’m done, there are a lot of battles today, so those battles will not be put on here, anyways i’m out.


A New Beginning for the WW

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My First Post / Nacho vs UMA Battles

Hello, I am the newest member of the CPAC staff TanMan626 :mrgreen:. Many of you may know me, I lead the Nacho Army. I joined armies in February 2009 as a Nacho under Person1233’s reign(imagine that lol). I have been a Nacho for roughly 2 years. My other armies have been NW as a mod rank,ACP as the janitor xD, and some small armies. I am 14 years old and am a ginger :D. If you want to know more talk to me sometime I am usually on Nacho Chat.

Click “Read More” for a pony! :O


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Clarifications & Additions to the Top 10

Hi guys, I was thinking of more additions to the Top 10. I’m pretty sure you guys saw the “Close to the Edge” armies, which is a bit like the “Hang-On” armies from CPAE, but a small twist. Also, here is what I was thinking to encounter in future Top 10s:

  1. Tops Together – The Medium Top 5 could be included into it at the beginning since I haven’t seen the Medium Top 5 in a while.
  2. “Close to the Edge” Armies – 2 armies that may be featured next week; practically adding an eleventh and twelfth place to the Top 10.
  3. Army Awards – Biggest Riser (most spots up), Biggest Faller (most spots down), Biggest Improvement (army that has did the best to get their army together).
  4. Special Top 20 – Annually maybe, we could do a Small Top 20 with 20 top small armies. After all, most armies are small!
  5. Top Army Updates – Not really in the Top Ten, but armies in the Top 10 will get an update during the week.

Let me know what you guys think of these ideas in the comments with the following form:

Idea #1:

Idea #2:

Idea #3:

Idea #4:

Idea #5:

For example:

Idea #1: That would totally be a lot better. Yes.

Idea #2: Maybe, I’d like pictures of cucumbers in it though.

Idea #3: I’m not reading the Dictionary, just a quick Top 10. Seems a bit unnecessary.

Idea #4: That would be pretty cool, we’d get tons of new armies to learn about!

Idea #5: Maybe, but we don’t need a deep history. Just what happened in the past week.

Or if you’re being hasty, you can just do the Yes/No/Maybe method.

Hope these appeal to you,

~Kool, SMAC Head Reporter.

I’m Back? || Practice Battle: Elites Vs Golden Troops

I’m Back?


 Practice Battle: Elites Vs Golden Troops


Elites are an army for whom reforming is almost a daily occurence. They are now on their 6th Generation, and their leaders are currently 57to and Khimo. Both are very experienced; Khimo is a 3ic in ACP amongst others, and 57to was a former leader of Top 10 army Ice Vikings, who reached the Final of the CPAC Holiday Smackdown.

This reincarnation of the Elites was formed around 2 weeks ago, and are going strong already, and have been covered on this site already by Kingfunks HERE. 

Current Place on Top 10: 9th

Golden Troops too are on army returning from the depths of inactivity. They are currently lead by Ganger90, Jerry2cool and Sercan 44444, equally as experienced as those who lead the Elites. Similar to their opponents, Golden Troops have been rising in size, and at the time of writing they gained a place in the top 10, moving up to 4th.

Current Place on Top 10: 4th 

The Battle:

The battle itself took place on the 23rd of April, 5 days ago, but better late than never to cover these two armies on the rise.

Pictures of the Battle:

❗ Note: These pictures were taken from both sites, but the majority from the Elites, so factor that in.

Your Opinion:

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Top Ten Armies: 30/04/11 – With a Top 5 Medium

Hello, welcome to the new edition of the CPA Central Top Ten Armies and top 5 medium.

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RPF Declare War on Team Gold – Their Invasion of Walrus

A few days ago, I introduced a post on UMA by talking about their ups and downs. I’d like to introduce RPF in the same way. RPF has gone through some of the largest periods of glory in Club Penguin Army history, but also some of the most inactive and depressing times ever seen. For years they’ve struggled to regain their footing, and it looks like they may be finally back.

Recently, the Nachos declared war on UMA in an effort to stay active, and it seems that RPF is following in suit. They recently declared war on TG, although they did have somewhat of a reason: to gain back servers important to them. So far, in the early stages of this war, it’s seemed quite well played out by both sides. TG, already well into a war with UMA, took the news of RPF’s declaration of war with open arms, always ready for more action. Both armies are known lately to fight on Club Penguin, not with flaming posts, so this war should be a good one. So far, Walrus, Snow Drift, Bobsled, and Snow Bound have been on RPF’s invasion list. The invasion of Walrus took barely 24 hours after RPF’s declaration of war.

According to RPF, one of the first rooms they invaded was the Town.

RPF moved throughout Walrus, claiming and reclaiming rooms until finally ending in the Cove.

A great deal of fighting and later controversy took place at the Dock, which was invaded and reinvaded by both armies multiple times.

Unfortunately, both armies are currently arguing over the true victor of the invasion. Each is stating that the other did not actually have a true invasion. Their points of view are as follows:

RPF’s Point of View: After RPF invaded a room, TG would “clean up” behind them; reinvade the room after RPF had left.

TG’s Point of View: Whenever TG entered a room, RPF would “run away;” go to a room as far away as possible in order to not have to fight them.

Both armies are stating the same instances, just with different perspectives. Since it’s obvious that this argument could continue for a while, I, as a Club Penguin Army Legend, would like to do a quick report to shed a little more light on the true victor of this invasion…

RPF and TG both averaged around the same amount of troops, so I can’t make any decisions based on their size. Furthermore, both armies are known to be honest and not get in many fights over battle winners, so I can’t judge the invasion based on their integrity, either. The whole controversy throughout the battle was over which army stuck to the actual invasion rules. RPF blames TG for invading rooms after them, TG blames RPF for running away from them. There’s no way to tell who’s telling the truth (both armies may actual be being honest, but just be at a misunderstanding as to what happened), but the objective of a defending army during an invasion is to get in front of the invading army and stop them, which, in either case, TG failed to do. TG also had only one picture on their site, while RPF had a whole series of pictures to chronologize every move of their invasion. So, due to a lack of supporting evidence, and based on their inability to establish the objective of a defending army during an invasion, my report concludes that TG loses Walrus to RPF.

However, my report may not be completely accurate, and certainly isn’t official, so I’d like to know what YOU think of the invasion of Walrus!

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Comment with YOUR opinion of the invasion of Walrus! Who do YOU think won?

Woton, CPA Central Head of Site

Small Top 10 27/04/11

I won’t be here Friday so I guess I’m doing this now. A new army got RAOTW this week, and that army is… Continue reading

Inside Scoop: The Global Defenders

Note: Before you attack me let me tell you that it is SMAC’s ADS WEEK. I have gotten several attack comments on this post. I even mentioned in the post that it is different because of ADS WEEK. Please no more attack comments!

Hey SMAC Fans,

It’s Pungy here with some exciting news. I’m starting a new thing here at SMAC called: The Inside Scoop. I’ll be doing a different army each week. This week’s will be about the Global Defenders, my army, since it’s ad week. Future “Inside Scoop” posts won’t be advertisement oriented and will be about the army. This week’s is a bit modified. Let’s begin.


The Global Defenders have a unique and turbulent history. The Global Defenders (Abbreviated GD) were created on February 2nd, 2011 as the Penguin Militia Army (PMA) by Pungy1234 (aka me). The PMA was a fine army in the beginning maxing 2 at an event (fail). They were however, the building blocks of what would create a great army. The PMA’s name was changed due to the fact that “PMA” and “Militia” won’t pass through CP’s filters.The name was changed to the Global Defenders on February 13th, 2011. After the name was changed, the army began to thrive. Despite some problems with loyalty of a specific owner, the Global Defenders were at a great point for success. They had the leadership and tech skills. Now all that was needed was active troops. Mass recruitment was put into place and the army began to thrive. The 1st major achievement of the Global Defenders was nearly defeating the CP Rangers in a tournament. After that, the GD gradually became what it is today: One of the greatest small armies of all time.


The Global Defenders are a Representative Democracy. The GD has a Senate of representatives from the lower ranks who vote on laws approximately every Sunday. Laws must be approved by the leader and can be vetoed. However, the Senate can override the veto with 3/4ths Senate approval. The GD also has a council of owners who make higher decisions such as war. The Leader has supreme power over the GD but this can be checked by the Senate to make sure there are no iron-fisted [ic] dictators. The point of the Senate is to give all members of the GD a voice in the decisions at hand. By joining GD, you would get a share of that voice too.

Benefits of Joining GD

GD has a lot of power in the CP army world. It is also on a rise and I wouldn’t be surprised if we got Major some time in the near future. Anyone who is in GD during our rise to glory is almost guaranteed to be quite powerful in CP Armies. Another benefit is how amazing the website looks. Many armies have mediocre or poor website design. GD’s site has amazing graphics and a custom CSS upgrade. The GD is no noob army and is very attractive to browse the variety of GD’s fun pages. I added a picture of GD’s website below. You will realize even better how amazing GD’s website is by clicking this link:

Join GD Today, be a Hero Tomorrow

Click Here To Join!

And now I have some final polls for you:

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The War Takes A Change

Hey guys, the ST, SW, PW vs. Extremes, Green Fire of CP & Extreme Sprinters war is escalating. Before I tell you what’s happening now, I will show you how it started: Continue reading