Once Again, Farewell :)

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Top Ten Tackle – The Final Battle – RESCHEDULED


Yes, it is time. The first 9 battles have taken place, and it’s time for the Battle #10 of the Top Ten Tackle – The Finals.

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TTT Round 2: WW vs. Nachos Results

Hi there, everyone! Sorry for the delay in posts. The Watex Warriors and the Nachos battled it out this past weekend for a spot in the TTT Finals!

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TTT Round 2: NW vs. IV Results

Hello there, everyone! This past Saturday, the Night Warriors and the Ice Vikings battle for a coveted spot in the finals of the TTT!

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TTT Round 2: ACP vs. IW Results

Welcome! Sorry for the late post, I was away yesterday and was hoping someone else would post. Anyways, the closest battle of this round (The Army of Club Penguin vs. The Ice Warriors) took place this past weekend, and it’s time for a review!

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Leadership Changes||DCP Is Back? [UPDATED]

UPDATE 5:05 EST: DCP are officially back. Their new site is here.

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Tournaments; The Effect On Armies

Tournaments for some armies can be very Positive. However, there are several Negative Points in tournaments for the armies. Click “Read More” to see what I am talking about, and the effects on armies.

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Legends. What makes them?

Too most people in CP warfare, a legend is someone that has changed the history of CP armies. Too others, it is someone that has lead a few major armies to the top. The question today is, what is a legend?

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The End Of Mchappy’s Leadership

On the 24th March Mchappy, Former ACP Leader, announced on chat his retirement of the ACP. Then on the 25th March Bobcatboy, former ACP leader and current 2ic, posted it to make it offical (Mchappy also edited the post to add what he wanted to say).

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Retirement from CPAC: Monsterfully

I know this is the second retirement post on CPAC this week, but I cannot handle juggling being piled on with projects and writing reports for CPAC. It is just too much for me to handle and is extremely overwhelming. I am only retiring from CPAC, not any other armies.

I would like to thank the CPAC adminstrators for giving me this great opportunity, but I just can’t handle this. I have been put on a huge amount of stress due to school. As the 3rd marking period is close to end, I need to get in as much as I can. I am also being put on with more homework, essays, and projects as the school year comes to a close. And I would also like to enjoy my army experience by not writing reports…and it seems like work now than fun. I usually write when I want to, not as a scheduled thing.

This experience as been a great one, even though I only posted once in the 2 week time period, but it just felt welcoming that my posts would be read by soldiers, leaders, retirees, and veterans alike. There may be haters, but they will hate. There will be trolls, but trolls will troll. I have dealt with the tough critics on here and I’ve dealt with those who spam “1st, 2nd, ect” on my posts. If you were in my shoes, you would definitely think this is quite a hard job. Especially trying to find news and making sure no one else steals your idea in mind.

This is sort of a short post, but its not all that special. I would like to thank everyone, especially the staff, for giving me this job of providing solid information to eager readers. Again, thank you and I hope the person taking my spot will do a better job at this than I ever did. Feel free to talk to me and I’ll be more than welcome to have a good discussion with you.

That is all.

-My finale will be greatest, and my greatest will be my finale-