DW declares war on NW; Another large war beginning?

The ACP vs. NW war has dissolved, but is there another war brewing? Recently, the Dark Warriors declared war on the Night Warriors for various reasons, one being the fact that NW abuses Dark Warriors soldiers for copying them.

Will this turn out to be something big? Or will it just fade away?

Here’s what the Dark Warriors had to say:

Today, the official Nation of the Dark Warriors, is Declaring War on the Night Warriors Empire. Why? well, there are many reasons, some of which I’m sure you’re familiar with, but oh so many more. We’ve all been working ourselves to get this army into the position it is in now, and we don’t plan to stop there. We’ve reached our goal of fourth place, why stop there? Let us take it up a notch, up to the “World Power” section, shall we? It’s indeed time Dark Warriors, time for our retribution, our revenge, and above all, our Revolution!

So, be ready DW. We’re going to win this, and we’re going to make a new name for ourselves. It’s time to accomplish what the Dark Warriors were always made for, victory. I’m counting on each of you to contribute to this war, for it will be a major war, and accomplishment in the Dark Warriors History. We’re going to be invading what’s left of the NW Empire, until they are down to none, thus… the Night Warriors will be unable to invade us due to the 3 server rule, let us cripple our foes, and win this war!

The reasons for this war, we’re still being treated unfairly by NW, continuously being kicked, banned and accused of copying NW, so it’s time to put an end to this war. We’re going to give NW another taste of defeat, for it is our time to take over. If the Night Warriors attempt to fight back, I’m sure it won’t work, due to our strong forces all round the clock. So NW, be ready and give it your best shot.

As you can see, the Dark Warriors claim to be treated unfairly by NW, being kicked, banned, and being accused of copying the Night Warriors.

However, are these good reasons to declare war upon an army? Most importantly, are the NW aware of this declaration of war? So far, nothing has been posted on the Night Warriors site about defending their servers (which DW is invading).

During this week the Dark Warriors plan to invade the remaining 4 servers that the Night Warriors own: Oyster, Hibernate, Snow Globe, and Ice Breaker. There’s one tiny problem. The Dark Warriors will invade Hibernate at 7 PM EST on Monday, February 28th. The Night Warriors have not been notified of this, therefore breaking the 24-hour rule. Will DW carry on with the invasion?

For the times and dates of all the invasions, CLICK HERE. What is your opinion on this declaration of war? Is it going to turn into something huge, or will it just flop?

Did the Dark Warriors break the 24-hour rule?

In the last CPAC Top 10, the Night Warriors were ranked first, while the Dark Warriors were ranked fourth. Was it foolish of DW to declare war on a much larger army, or can they handle it? If this war carries on, who will eventually prevail?


[Interviews will be added later, since there are no leaders online]

Going Away

GP: I’ll try my best to make the Top 10 by Monday.

Hey Guys. I just wanted to say that I am leaving for Spring Break, and I won’t be able to come on much or at all until Monday, March 14th. I wanted to say a few things before I leave…

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Pre-Army Council Meeting Polls

GP: Winners of the Name that Army raffle are Broken and Etac (with bid). Broken, comment with your email, and Etac, PC me on chat 🙂 . The winning answer was the Rebel Penguin Federation, but a lot of people put RPF instead 🙁 . Basically, the riddle describes how RPF has no allies, was born out of UMA (red skies), and has a grey uniform (turns the world grey). Thanks for participating!

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FW/WW – What’s Going On? | NW v. ACP | Name That Army!

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Invading Safe Chat Servers || DCP’s Invasion of Ice Cube and Glacial

To most people, owning a safe chat server is useless. You cannot type freely, therefore eliminating several tactics, such as saying tactics “Where is your dock it’s so tiny”. You also cannot “claim” a room by saying “We claim this room” or “We claim town”. However, a few armies still invade safe chat servers. Why?

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My viewers, I am disappointed. In your army mostly, but to a lesser extent you. It seems that the great crusades of WWIII where men held their word and fought by it are over. We are in a new age. One based on lies and deciet. Based on manipulation of those that lack will and the elimination of those that stand as obsticules.

The entire system of us is burried benieth the lies and deciet of corrupt men. Tell me, what is there left to cling to when best friends turn on eachother as though it were entertainment? When allies break and run on the suspicion of betrayal? When a man who steps on others for his own means is pronounced an Emperor?

It is… Disgusting.

In a modern sense, look at this just recent war. Oh NW, Nachos, and IW had it. They may very well have swept ACP off their feet and finally overthrown them. But they were bent on self-intrest. On profiting for themselves not others. And so when DW, an army so uninfluential it should have been indifferent in the tide of war, switched sides the entire system came down on NW’s head. As IW only looked so far as their imediate gain they cracked from the pressure. And Nachos jumped ship to avoid the landslide that they ended up creating.

Every low Top 10 army that had previously boasted being against ACP silensed, for they did not want to be noticed by ACP. And so NW was stranded, as they are now. They will not win, it is certain. For the greed that once fueled NW’s conquests has now turned against them and fueled their enemy’s. ACP will take revenge, and after NW falls they will have been re-established as the sole propriator over CP.

Well, are you happy? Self-intrest took the best of you, and in your panic you led those that may have overthrown ACP to destruction. Now ACP, the army you “hated and wanted to destroy” is stronger than ever. They are vengful and when they march through your capital’s streets unapposed you can be sure it no one’s fault except yours. Whether you be a soldier, a general, or an emperor.

It is not ACP’s fault you lost. It is your own, all those except NW broke and ran. And I’m sure in your position that NW would’ve done the same, and left you to die.

Heed the warning, armies of CP. For just over the hills ACP war ministers whisper and drums can be heard beating through the night.

A “World War”: Dissolved

The expectations that people had for the ongoing NW-Nacho and ACP conflict were bigger than any conflict that has occurred since WWIV in November 2008. Previous wars had been dissolved by the lack of trust between allies and armies cracking under pressure. This war has proved to be no different. If you recall my marathon analogy from my first post regarding to this war almost 3 weeks ago, I said the army community was on mile 4 of a 26.2 mile trek. Well, we just got to mile 20 and our glycogen storage ran out and we didn’t have any fuel gels…

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A Few Words…

Albaro Lord’s Edit: Hey guys, I just want everyone to know that the position of Servers Page Maintainer will soon be open! I will be retiring at the end of February or the beginning of March. Since I’m on break right now I won’t retire for about a week or two, but as CPAC’s 3rd Servers Page Maintainer I just want to let people know. I hope someone who tries as hard as I do or harder to keep the Servers Page up-to-date.


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Pink Mafias: The Truth Revealed

Breaking News Update: Taken from UMA Website…

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Proper Grammar and How it Paints a Personality

Grammar (noun): the study of how words and their component parts combine to form sentences.

To some, grammar on the internet is as useless as a pig roast at a vegetarian’s convention. Some would claim that the internet is not “english class” and that you should not be subject to typing properly. Some would go as far to say that they are not judged for the way that they type. Viewers of CPA Central, grammar and the way you use words and language is one of the first impressions made through the internet. Why would anybody want their first impression to be “hey guys lolllz u guys r cool and i wanna join” ? Whenever I see a sentence like this, I just go:


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